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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Leave Comments Here

Like any blogger, I appreciate polite comments, when they are relevant to the blog.

If your question is related to life in general, feel free to leave me a comment on my Musings blog. Or, leave me a comment, or question, about my online life here, if you like. Help me to help you.

Or leave me a message in my guestbook (get a free guestbook, with UltraGuest). And a new possibility - look for "Chat With Me" in the sidebar.

If the form below does not work for you, check your third party cookies setting!

I will of course moderate all comments, so no spam please.

Spammers: Kill yourself, please. Make the world a better place (we could only wish).


  1. Hey, thanks, Chuck. You saved my butt w/your advice. How lucky there are people like you. If we had to depend on Blogger for help we'd all be up the proverbial tree & they wouldn't be where they are today. It's guys like you that keep it going! (I'm an old guy too!--female)

  2. Hi Chuck,
    I have two blogs and a regular website and I want the lastest posts on my blog to appear on the front page of my website. I can do that, but I can'm make those blog entries that appear on my website link to the permalink for the post. The titles only appear and you have to go to the blog to read the entries. Also, they give a default number and then ie says it doesn't support this version. When I do it in firefox, I get all of the html from the permalink. What I want to do it get linked to the blogfeed in the blog. Is that so strange? Any ideas?

  3. Hey Art,

    Have you posted already in GBH: How Do I?, and I missed the post? If so, my apologies. But the online forums are much easier to use, then Blogger Blog Commenting, for interactive problem solving.

  4. Hi Chuck- I am hoping you can help me. You are smart. Me? Not so much. At least in the world of blogging.

    My problem:

    I saved the html of my blog because I was fed up with certain issues and wanted to delete it, yet save the html "just in case".

    I changed my mind. Shocking, I know.

    Now I try to paste the html into a template and I keep getting error messages about the xml. I have searched all over the net for what I am doing wrong.

    My blog's name is www.outside-thelines.blogspot.com

    I have the entire html if it helps.

    Im not a spammer :)

    Can you help a girl out? Please ?

  5. Hey Kelly,

    Have you posted yet in GBH: Something Is Broken? If I missed the post, my apologies. The online forums are much easier to use, then Blogger Blog Commenting, for interactive problem solving.

  6. Who or what is "sister2brother"? Is he a spammer, or just a dumb ass?

    p.s. I can't comment on your spammer blog, so I'm posting here.

  7. Gray,

    The jury is still out on that question, and on whether "he" is he or she.

    I just can't believe that "he" is A Blog Consultant, let alone "The Blog Consultant". He must have some real maroons for customers.

    Well, "Philadelphia" is another country in some respects.

  8. You've left some very helpful comments and advice on a couple of my blogs and I do appreciate it.

    I'm scared to try to change anything in the html area since I have managed to delete all sorts of things on my computer when trying to do so.

    BTW, am also one of the female "old guys"...70 and still mobile.


  9. Hi Jeane,

    The great thing about blogs and computers is when they break, you can just fix them, generally from the comfort of your own home.

    If you work on your car yourself, and it breaks, you could end up dead, or minimally inconvenienced, and generally not at home when it happens.

    My personal philosophy is if I don't break my blog or my computer at least every month, then I only have a blog and a computer. If you're going to use your blog or your computer, expect for it to break.

    That's not to say that I don't cuss a blue streak when it does break, of course. ;-)

  10. Hey...I just want to rant and maybe you can help me understand...why when I click the box to get follow-up comments do I immediately get my own comment? I know what I just wrote, and it clogs up my email (on my blackberry). As a rabid commenter, this really bugs. Shed some light?

  11. hi i have an issue that i need some help with... when i go to create new post my customize things aren't there like changing the color of my fonts and changing the fonts as well. i don't know what happened but i would like to fix it! lol it's been driving me nutz! your help would be much appreciated!


  12. Hizzeather,

    Long years ago, when paper was used for sending memos to one another, you'd write a memo and cc yourself for your files. When you send a comment, you cc yourself by sending a copy of the comment to your Inbox.

    Star Child,

    You need to enable Compose mode, I bet.

  13. hew Chuck, quick question.

    If i iframe my blog into my business website, will search engines be able to "read" the contents on my blog and give credit to my website for it?

    I posted this on the How do I section but no replies.

    Thanks for your help.

  14. Miami,

    From what I've been reading, a plain IFrame will show content that will be invisible to search engines. If you want the target to be indexed, you add a link to it inside the "<noframes> ... </noframes>" section.

  15. Hello!
    I found your blog while looking for custom domain problems in blogger. I see you have throughly reviewed the issue and after many erratic attempts to fix my particular problem, I really wish you could take a look at what's going on; being a lawyer I am not quite tech savvy.
    I have posted in the google groups but got no answer so far. ¿What would be the right place to tell you about my issues in case you'd be kind enought to help me out?

    Thanks in advance,

  16. Hi Silvi,

    I'm not having any luck searching the forums for "Silvi". Got URL of your post? Or which forum, and what exact Subject?

  17. Hi my name is Margie and I am very new at this blogging stuff............only three days. I have no idea what I am doing or why I am doing it. I only know that I feel dumber than a rock. I thought I was just filling out forms and submitting them to companaies. Oh my I'm blogging. I don't know if I'm selling something or telling a story. HELP!!!!!!!

  18. Margie,

    To get your questions about Blogging answered, ask at GBH: How Do I?. That's community peer help.

  19. Hi Chuck,
    I hope you can help or guide me.
    I am trying to ask the ProjectAskGod.com a couple questions. I go to their site directly and they have tons of questions and answers. When I sighn in to ask a question it throws me over to a blog. I have never blogged before, but I pretty know what they are, I just don't know how they work. Anyway, I have my questions posted on the blog now I need to know how to get it published, answered, and over to the ProjectAskGod site. None of this is very intuitive, plus I'm not the brightest lite on the Christmas tree.
    Thanks much,

  20. Jim,

    This would be a good question for GBH: How Do I?. Why not post there, and get community support?

  21. Hello Chuck, I'm Max First sorry for my english..
    I ask You to help solve a technical problem.
    I purchased a domain via bloggers because I had been told that it was possible to move the blog to the existing domain.
    This happened several days ago.
    Once confirmed everything I went to the domain settings and I clicked on "create new site." I think I have been wrong because now I go on bloggers trying to transfer the address (..there's a specific option) but it says that the site is occupied by another blogs. How do I go back? I have to clear the site? Should I've to buy another?
    I tried the FAQ but there is nothing.
    Can You help me?

    Yhsanks in advance!

    Best, Max

  22. Hi there. I've been trawling around Blogger, trying to find an answer until my head's spinning! I think blogger Help is no help at all. I've written a blog and my profile, but I don't think it's getting out there for anyone to read. Can you please tell me what it is I may have missed?

  23. hi, chuck. i might need ur help. i faced this problem for a few days, it is really killing me. when i try to create new post or edit my previous post, the page is in error. i dont have all the buttoms that i can click on to change my font, colour, and to upload picture or video. i tried to refresh the page for many time, but still the same problem. but when i use other computer, there is no such problem. i m wondering is it my computer's problem??? what can i do to fix this problem???

  24. Lin,

    Have you posted yet in GBH: Something Is Broken, or in Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging? The online forums are much easier to use, then Blogger Blog Commenting, for interactive problem solving.

  25. Hey, I am new to blogging and you are literally a God to me i was just wondering how do you get yourself heard i would really like people who are interested in computing to view my blog but i dont know how if you could get back to me please it would be a big help

    Your fellow blogger and worshiper lol
    Joe Williams

  26. Hi Joe,

    I like alliterative answers, so this one fits here:

    Publish and Publicise.

  27. Hello. I wanted to create a blog but the name i choose was already taken. I went to see the blog and it's not beeing used (the page appears blank). I wanted to know how i can get in touch with the blog owner or blogger site to ask him to delete the blog, leaving the name available. The blog name is www.safira.blogspot.com
    Thank you

  28. Hi, I'm having a similar problem to Filha. Just that the url is having a blank page, with nothing at all. Is there really no way for me to get that url?


  29. Noel,

    Have you posted yet in GBH: Something Is Broken, or in Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging? The online forums are much easier to use, then Blogger Blog Commenting, for interactive problem solving.

  30. hi,

    do you know how to fix a broken profile views counter? a number of other people are having this problem and blogger hasn't stepped in.


    any tips you can give would be greatly appreciated!

  31. LOL. Profile View Counters are not broken. So says Blogger Support.

  32. Help! I couldn't find my blog tonight, so I created my page all over again and wrote a new post tonight. Then, via a bookmark, I found the old one with my previous posts from 2 yrs. ago. So I pasted my new posting onto it and made it complete. Now I need to remove the brand-new one I made tonight, since I no longer need it. How do I get rid of it? Thanks for your help.

  33. Thelma,

    Delete it, or dispose of it carefully. Note the choices in the cited post, and consider them carefully!

  34. What, colors?! And stars in the firmament. I thought I'd landed on another planet.

  35. I need some help. Something has happened to my blog (andyinamsterdam.blogspot.com). I went to it on Saturday and I saw a screen that said that it had been Reported as an Attack Site. When I clicked on the "Why is this site blocked?" button, I was taken to a page that gave possible reasons for the blockage. One that was possibly the reason was that I think I have a counter from goodcounter.org.

    I would be happy to take the counter off, but I can't see my blog. It's gone. All of the options given seem contingent on changing something in the blog – to verify that it’s mine or to take off the offending gadget. How do I change it if I can’t see it? I wish I could contact Blogger and get hold of a human. This seems to have been done by a computer and I’m dealing with computers to try to fix it. Do you have any suggestions?

    Andy Baker

  36. I have been receiving the following message for the past 2 1/2 weeks or so when trying to manage blogs I follow, and can't seem to find any info anywhere as to how to fix it.


    Any ideas?

  37. Sky (and anybody else asking about bX codes),

    Please spend some time reading about what bX codes really are!

  38. I'm still not finding any info on HOW TO GET RID OF IT. Again, my code is bX-ftj54u. No one seems to know anything about this specific code. I find various forums and blogs where people mention the same problem I'm having, but no one can seems to know HOW TO GET RID OF IT. If anyone knows HOW TO GET RID OF IT, please let me know.

  39. Sky,

    The "bX-ftj54u" code, like all bX codes, is simply a diagnostic tool. You don't get rid of it - Blogger has to diagnose and fix the problem which it represents.

    Anybody who tells you about a "secret" way to solve the bX code is either an idiot or a troll. You don't get rid of a bX code, just as you don't get rid of your blood pressure. Blogger has to fix the problem.

    Have you reported your bX code?

  40. You have a great resource here. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction...

    I have been blogging for awhile and recently my blogger photo site has become inoperable... The web address is http://www.misawadailyphoto.com. I found all this out when I tried to post new photo's to the site and they didn't show up. I thought maybe is was a template issue so I tried changing the template and was unable to change anything on the site (widgets/links/previous posts).
    I did a little background research and found this site http://hnstartups.com/ with a link to my site-http://www.misawadailyphoto.com/2009/05/hi.html
    that I never created and have no access to change. I have tried to
    contact google through there support site and they keep responding
    with an email to change my password. I really don't think that the
    issue is my password and in any case that was the first thing I did.
    If anyone can assist me in fixing this issue I will be eternally

    P.S. The kid who decided to start the hacker site is named Mark Bao.
    I hope I don't run into him in a dark alley :)

  41. I am trying to "subscribe to this comment feed" and stay abreast of whatever can be done to restore my blog, inner-squirrel.blogspot.com to its pristine glory.
    I would really appreciate the help of a techno-nerd, especially one who looks the part, with the bald head and glasses (your photo isn't wide-angle enough to show the pen-guard in the breast pocket.) I am hoping that I can get my blog back, because I use it as an introduction to people that I meet whom I may have only a few minutes to talk to; they can (or could) learn so much about me by reading my journal of the past three years. I never put spam on my site. I don't even like spam, it reminds me of sea-rations...
    I'm just reiterating my interest in restoring my blog, and if anything happens in favor of those with legitamate sites, with no green eggs and ham on them, I hope to be able to be "reviewed," or considered for "appeal," or to just log on and see my blog again. I have tried to start another one, but it is like being at the bottom of Mt. Everest, in the foliage where you can't even see the mountain...

  42. Thank you for helping me to find my dashboard again. I appreciate your input. DB

  43. http://westleighneighborhood.blogspot.com/

    Hi, I am a blogger newbie. As you can see by the blog above I have mastered a custom header but now I want to have the photos (this is a for sale by owner site, by the way) arranged in two or three horizonal rows not randomly scattered the way they are now. I uploaded 4 and they apeared this way because I clicked on left, right, center and right. Is there a way I can upload photos and have them arranged neatly across the page? Thank you for your help. Could you please reply to faithab@aol.com and let me know how I might view your response? Thank you very much for your time solving this, probably, very easy and elementary query. Faith

  44. Hi Chuck
    I just wanted to pop in to say thank you for everything you do to help the rest of us.
    so Thank you and
    Stay Safe

  45. Hey There Chuck,

    I hope all is well.

    I have a question for you on commenting ethics:

    I think as bloggers it is safe to say that we all collectively appreciate real comments from other bloggers or any readers for that matter, on the other hand how disapointing is it when you see you have 7 new comments and then you realize that six are simply bot spam. When I comment I try to give a genuine comment, like this one for example. but at the same time I want to be able to leave my link at the bottom to one of my blog or sites. Is that ethical commenting?



  46. thank you for the scolding today i deserved it, kind of spazzzzzed out

  47. I wish to say thank you for your assistance in trying to help resolve the situation. THis is truly greatly appreciated. I see we are almost neighbors since I live in El Sobrante. I just hope to resolve this problem. Egmont

  48. Hi sir Chuck!
    I really want to thanks to you! Cause of your help in a blog help forum,i'm available to make my own subdomain to my domain name using enom.com.
    Just for your knowledge,i've tried it myself before but its not working,so i asked the technical support from my hosting to give a guide.
    After 4 tutorials from 2 technical support from enom,they offer me to the updates!i m willing and after 4 days,i still cant view my blog..i asked them again what happen but no reply at all.I guess something wrong is happen cause they promised me not up than 48 hours.So i try to googles the problem till i found your reply to one question facing same problem with me. I apply what u recommend and less than a minute
    i already got what i want! You are a truly genious here! Thank you again sir Chuck!

  49. I know you've probably been asked this question a million times, last April I had an account, Altered for him and I deleted the account and the email, the name is still not available, do you know when it will or ever will be? Is there a way to get this name back? I have altered-for-him but I would like my alteredforhim back. Thanks!

  50. If you deleted the owning account, the blog (and the URL) is locked to the owning account, probably for eternity.

  51. f you deleted the owning account, the blog (and the URL) is locked to the owning account, probably for eternity. You have to use "Delete blog" and wait 90 days, or rename the current URL, to make a URL available to another Blogger account.

  52. Hi Chuck thanks for all the good work you have been doing and helping others, I always believed god will help those who help others and hope that is true in your case. I need your help to restore my blogger blog, please reply to my thread
    Thank you and god bless you.

  53. Chuck hello again from Morocco. Though my blogger issue seems to have been resolved with your patient help, I have another computer question and am wondering where to ask it? Thanks, Lisa l.hageman@yahoo.com

  54. Hi Chuck,

    I've seen you answer several people's questions on forums and I really need help. I disabled "sites" on Google Apps and went to blogger and did the "switch to domain" I inputted www.downtomarsgirl.com and for 5 minutes or so it worked. Now all of a sudden when I try to access that page I get this on Google Chrome

    the tab says "404 Error"

    And the page says


    Not Found

    The requested URL / was not found on this server."

    I have no idea what to do because I'm not tech savvy. I see all this stuff about changing DNS this and that but I'm so confused. I bought my Domain through blogger and I think it's hosted at eNOM. That's all I know. Right now I've gone back to using blogspot so the address is dtomg.blogspot.com.

    If you could help me out I would GREATLY appreciate it.

  55. Hey Girl,

    Custom Domain issues are one of my favourite subjects to troubleshoot. They are waaay easier to do that, when you ask for help in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, where we can have a dialogue.

  56. Click here to check out an example of the new, Designer templates.

  57. Thank you for helping me fix my blog PaintSplatters! It had been hijacked by a widget! I removed it and all seems well. Thank you!!
    Ps. It was my hit counter widget.

  58. Hi Chuck, is there a way to know who or if someone is reading my RSS feed?

  59. Not immediately - newsfeed clients are anonymous. If you publish a feed, anybody can read the feed.

    If you make your feeds short, anybody who wants to read a full post will have to read it in the browser. Then, you can check out the visitor log traffic, including the referer URL. That might give you a clue.

  60. Nitecruzr/Chuck, Thank you for your helpful replies to my questions about blogging. Working on the computer freaks me out cuz I am afraid to make a mistake I won't know how to fix. I don't always understand your words in your replys but they give me a place to start and feeling secure that if I mess up I can ask you for help again. Thanks, Linda www.lindaingalls.blogspot.com. imlindai@hotmail.com

  61. Hi, you helped me with an issue a few months ago and were a spectacular help. I am having a serious issue with my blog/website right not to the point that GoDaddy was unable to help and I may have to resort to upgrading to the premier account just so I can speak to a human at Google. Do you have an email address I could contact you at to discuss my issue further?
    Thanks, Tayler

  62. hi chuck ,
    i am a very new blogger and quite slow in understanding the coding etc etc.i wud want a very simple answer please on how to (my terminology might b wrong too) make different pages with multiple posts about different topics on my blog.i have read ur answers that its not possible with static pages. i wud like to put it this way that how should i do some thing similar to ths NITECRUZR dot net with all pages looking different and having same nav tab and yet having different topics.pls cud u help me and mail me the right way to do this? my blog link is www.justwhattheheartsaid.blogspot.com and i want to add "history revisited" tab which leads to the page with all history topics and my email is shoma.abhyankar@gmail.com

  63. Hi Shoma,

    I really think we'll best address your questions, if you'll kindly post in BHF: How Do I?.

  64. Hi Chuck,

    I followed your guide, "Static Pages, And A Custom Pages Part I and 2" and it worked out just fine by me. I was able to take off the "Pages Gadget" and successfully replaced it with the "Link List" which is more functional. By posting posts instead of stand alone pages, I was able to add 'Jump Breaks' which concise the otherwise long, and quite boring sometimes, content that I have on my blog. However I am having trouble doing what I really needed the most to accomplish: to have different posts in a single custom page, like in a home page. I'm having a hard time understanding how you do it.

    And also chuck, if I may add some more inqueries...

    How do I remove the 'timestamp' or 'posted on' date on top of each and every post?
    How can I hide/organize previous posts on my blog's Home page?

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out. I mean, really, thanks so much in advance, as I know that you're that kind of guy who doesn't hesitate to help out those in need. :)

    Some details that you might need:

    My blog URL: theonlineclickers.blogspot.com

    What I want, exactly, is to have a certain page dedicated to a certain topic, so that I can post multiple posts related to that particular topic only. For example, I have a page titled "Links/Banners". I would like it to contain posts for my links, with a post that is for a significant group of links only. Right now, it contains all of my links in a single post. But if its, possible, I would like to single out each different type of links to different posts, hence, dividing it into three, namely:

    Page: Links/Banners
    1.Online Payment Processors Links
    2.PTC Links
    3.GPT Links

    This is just an example. I would like to know how to do it in all of my pages. Thanks so much in advance!

    My email:

  65. Chuck,

    You graciously posted a Comment on my blog (www.adultclubfeet.blogspot.com) about Comments not showing. My 3rd party cookie setting has been already set to allow. Your Comment appeared on the post-specific page, but not on the Home page for the blog, not have two I attempted to place this morning. I have tried to decipher my html (I am not proficient, merely observant) and could discern nothing in sections pertaining to Comments. What else should I be doing? Would it help to forward the html to you?

  66. Notumbo,

    It's normal for comments to only appear on the post=specific pages. The problem is in your computer, as since I was able to leave a comment, the blog itself is fine. You are going to have to check the browser and the computer that you're using, for any cookie or script filters - in any anti-virus, firewall, or "security suite". Something is being inappropriately filtered, on your computer.

  67. Hi, leaving a post here too, regarding the counting of one's own visits in the stats, despite choosing not to and having cookies enabled; and 'white-listing' blogger.com


  68. Check to see whether I can comment re google stats

  69. Hey Chuk,
    I am trying to create a subdomain like you did on your web site (http://www.nitecruzr.net)on my website (www.easyminds.net).
    How do I create the subdomain.

  70. My problem, as we have discussed, is with blogger identifying me. You posted a comment on my blog and it was fine. I had to step out of this page and identify myself and then returned here.

  71. Respected sir,
    How can I make a specific static page @ bloggermy homepage!!.
    I mean I want to make 'How to Use my blog' static page as my homepage??

    Yours sincerely
    Usama Khan
    Chem EnGG
    Sunday, February 27, 2011

  72. Usama,

    You do as instructed:
    1. Set "Show" to "0 posts".
    2. Add an HTML gadget, positioned above the "Blog Posts" gadget.
    3. Tweak the template, to make your new HTML gadget only display on the "Home" page.


  73. Chris,

    You create a blog domain cluster. Your "home" blog (similar to this one), you setup and publish to "easyminds.net" / "www.easyminds.net". You then setup and publish a second blog, say to "second.easyminds.net".


  74. Hi Chuck! Please give me some direction.
    I am trying to transfer my domain that I have owned for four years on my blogspot site. The website company logged out on their part and is pointing it at google they said but Google is not retrieving it. I keep getting "Another blog is already hosted at this address." I have tried this process 3 other times and have waited for days. Nothing has worked and now I am getting penalized by Google. I had 1,000 hits per day and now 100. Please help me. Tamara (at) TeachingwithTLC (dot) com Here is my site- Teaching with TLC THANK YOU!

  75. i came to ur site while wanting to add a forum to my blog. u`ve got quite a unique design here. i`ll be browsing through your tutorials now.



  76. Thank you very much, Chuck~ the comments issue seems to have been a very temporary glitch, and now all is well.

    Without it, I'd never have stumbled into your site, so it was a good glitch, not a bad glitch. ;o}

  77. I too have been getting alot of bogus traffic to my site (from your site)
    this name appears
    form this site

  78. Just leaving a comment per your request. I really think/hope my browser cookie settings are okay, however. Thanks for trying to help.

  79. I do think the new word verification sucks ass though.

  80. Thanks a bunch for your comments to help me transfer my blogger account. Being a noob at blogging, your post helped a great deal.

  81. Testing testing (props to you, NiteCruzr...)

  82. Test, Test.....hopes this works! :))




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